Specific measures to counter Covid19


New measures of hygiene have been put into place for disinfection from 11/5/2020 until further notice


We assure you:

That after each guest leaves Villa Duroux, the following procedure will be systematically undertaken :

  • Villas will be left empty for a period of atleast 24 hrs before réoccupation

  • All surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned utilising disinfectant.

  • Bed linen and towels will be washed with a minimum cycle of 60°C with a minimum 1 hour programme.

  • Disinfection of all points of contact within the Villas and communal areas will be undertaken, including: door handles, bins, light switches ,stair rails, media remote controls, tables and chairs, window latches, hangars, high chairs, bedside cabinets and of course, the keys to your Villa.

  • Crockery and cutlery will undergo a dishwashing cycle with a minimum 65 degrees.

  • Chlorine levels in the swimming pool will be scrupulously monitored to ensure correct balance. 


What will be expected of our clients :


  • To come equipped with an adequate stock of facemasks which will need to be worn when in contact with non members of your party. It is a requirement in Dordogne that masks will also be worn when shopping and meeting in public places, bars restaurants etc.

  • To wash your hands regularly and when you arrive in the Villa and before you leave. Hydro alcoholic gel will be made available to you in the Villa and at the pool. Please also equip yourselves with enough gel to satisfy your needs during any excursions.

  • Remember to put all used linens and towels in the plastic bags provided and knot the bag. Please deposit the bag at the side of the washing machine before you leave.

  • Use of the swimming pool is entirely under your responsibility , there is at present no scientific testing undertaken on the spread of Coronavirus in pools. Please take a shower before accessing the pool.

  • Please respect social distancing protocols when using the pool.


Poolside hygiene rules


Before enjoying your time in and around the pool, please familiarise yourself with the following practical rules to help us all reduce the risk of contamination and stay safe :


Shower before entering the pool is obligatory.


use of the pool is between 9hrs - 20hrs.


At the end of each day, we will clean the pool area, disinfecting the tiled area, sun loungers and the Salon d’été.


Thanks in advance and protect yourselves, protect us.