Our fitness holiday packages focus on health and wellness through physical exercise and fun activities to boost your metabolism. Inactive lifestyles can cause health problems, especially as we age. By challenging yourself and having fun at the same time you can boost your circulation, strength and stamina and reduce stress. From active to adventure holidays such as hiking in the great outdoors, running, cycling, swimming in the river or working out in the gym, we can offer you a fitness holiday to suit you.


5 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer on Holiday

You Won't Undo All your Hard Work

If you’re heading away to sunny shores, chances are you’ve already been working hard and watching what you eat in order to get your body summer-ready. On average, most of us put on about two pounds with every holiday we take – but even more detrimental to your fitness is the effect a lazy holiday has on your mind-set. By lying on a beach for two weeks you’ll find it so much harder to get back into the swing of things when you come home. In fact, instead of feeling rested and refreshed on your return to work, you might find yourself feeling lethargic and under the weather, without the motivation to put on your running shoes or head to the gym.


Benefit From a Range of Exciting Activities

If you’ve been struggling to find the inspiration to lace up your trainers or have become bored with your workout routine, a tailor-made program with a personal trainer is a chance to spice up your fitness through a variety of different activities, from trail running to weightlifting.

Eat More Without Guilt

One of the many pleasures of escaping on holiday is trying new foods and local delicacies. By maintaining your exercise regime with a personal trainer, you can eat more of what you want without the guilt, because you know you’ll burn off those calories during your next activity. However, if you’re really looking to shift some serious pounds, combine your personal training with healthy eating. With nutritional advice based on your current eating habits it won’t be difficult.


Get Out and See the Sites

Whether you’re walking, running, cycling or rowing, your exercise regime can take you places. Free from the constraints of sitting on a tour bus, you’re more likely to discover places seldom trodden by other holiday-makers, providing freedom from the norm.

Meet your Coach

Aleksandra Lamb Certified Personal Trainer

My passion for sport started back in primary school, when I entered first running races and than joined the Volleyball team. Since then sport has always been a big part of my life. However my professional aspirations were realised only a few years ago, after I decided to change career path from IT Project Manager and become a qualified Personal Trainer.
Since I became certified with American Council on Exercise, I have been working with individuals at my private gym.
As a personal trainer, I create individualized workouts, starting from evaluating the clients fitness level, setting their goals, through to monitoring progress and helping clients blast through plateaux. Each client receives a custom designed training program that helps him/her achieve their goals of weight loss, sport-specific performance improvement, or healthier lifestyle.
Working with clients in my own gym setting gives them more flexibility, full exclusiveness of all the equipment and most of all allows them to build their self-confidence.

Personal Trainer

Our Offer

Guided running

Guided running

The Dordogne region, with its beautiful countryside, chateaux and quaint villages is a running paradise. The trails vary from flat to hilly, hence they are suitable for all levels of runners. The majority of trails are off road country paths, that run through woodlands, along rivers and across fields. We also run through some pretty countryside villages, where you can find characteristic architecture and famous Perigordine produce. We offer you guided running trips from 5 to 20km, with warm up before and stretching session after the run.

1h Session with Personal Trainer

1h Session with Personal Trainer

You can chose from following options: Strength, Mobility, Cardio HIIT

5 Sessions with Personal Trainer

5 Sessions with Personal Trainer

Each Package contains: Fitness assessment; Joint SMART goal setting; Personalised workout plan; Access to Online training application; Start Up Workout Manual E-Book; Nutritional Advice